Affordable & Professional Video Services

for Non-Profit Organizations of Centre County

    A C-NET Video PSA is a great way to advertise your non-profit's services, request donations, recruit volunteers, and inform residents of all the good work that you do in our community, and all for a very affordable price!

     C-NET offers in-person as well as contact-free services as an option to help you safely achieve your marketing goals. 

     Your organization will use the video however you need. Included in your price is broadcast time on C-NET’s two cable channels as well as with our videos on demand.

What You Get

- A 30- to 60-second video that features your non-profit, created from your still images,
   stock photos, and/or original footage filmed on-location

- Scriptwriting services – full service or guidance, depending on your needs

- Broadcast on C-NET’s two cable TV channels for up to full 12 months (300-350 airings)

- Streaming with our online programming at 

- Unlimited use of your video on your website, Facebook, and other platforms

A Simple Process

Contact our office to talk about your vision or get inspiration!

Call 814-238-5031 or email Stephanie Yager at for more information or to discuss production.

We are flexible to fit your schedule and your needs timeline. Contact us today!




Standard Package

Time-Saver Package

Event Package
(airs up to 6 months)

















*Includes up to 2 hours of recording     **Includes up to 2.5 hours of recording   

You may renew an existing PSA for up to 12 months for only $100.


Description of Packages

Standard Package

Have more input and show off your creativity with this hands-on approach.

     The Standard Package allows you to use your own videos or photos, be the dominant force in the script-writing process, record the voiceover, appear in front of the camera if you wish, or any combination of the above. 

     Submit images for a contact-free option, come to our studio, or meet us on-location at a place of your choosing to set the scene you desire. Still photos, moving video footage, voice-overs and on-camera appearances can be included. 


Time-Saver Package

Let us do all the work for you!

      The Time-Saver option is great for organizations that do not have the time or resources to commit to a Standard Package PSA.

     C-NET will provide the script, voice-over and stock photographs. We will create a PSA that includes items of general information about your organization, contact information, mission statements, etc. You will be able to make two revisions to the script and one final revision to the edited PSA. You will be able to approve all images.

     This PSA is only available for in-studio production and only still images will be used.


Event Promotion Package

Advertise your organization’s special event with a video this year!

     This package allows you to have an entire video commercial dedicated to an upcoming event. Wow potential guests with a video PSA airing on C-NET for up to six months. This package is also ideal for promoting activities such as seasonal volunteer recruitment or a fund-raising drive.

     You can choose in-studio or on location production for this package. Still photos, moving video footage, voice-overs and on-camera appearances can be included.

We look forward to working with you on your video!


This service is only available to non-profit organizations which are members of the Centre County Council for Human Services