00:01:15,,Call to Order,,
00:05:36,,Routine Approvals,,
00:06:09,,Feb 26th Minutes,,
00:15:49,,Contract with NW Financial,,
00:17:26,,Investment of Bond Funds,,
00:30:21,,CIU #10 Operating Budget,,
00:35:53,,IB Applications for Authorization,,
00:49:34,,Rooftop Greenhouse Aquaponics System,,
00:50:45,,Bid Award for Paving Work,,
00:51:21,,Contract for Turf Replacement,,
00:53:39,,Asbestos Removal - Corl St,,
00:54:14,,Asbestos Removal - Radio Park,,
00:54:47,,Asbestos Removal - Houserville,,
00:56:04,,High School Project Change Orders,,
00:56:39,,Elem School Projects Change Orders,,
01:01:49,,High School Project Update,,
01:06:58,,Elementary Projects Update,,
01:11:39,,Math Online Learning Tool,,
01:28:04,,2018-19 Budget Development,,
02:12:51,,Board Committee Reports,,
02:27:00,,Future Agenda Planning,,