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Welcome Spring Interns!

The first day of a new semester also always means the first day with a new group of C-NET interns. C-NET has a total of six new interns this semester, all students in the Penn State College of Communications. Their majors include Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, and Telecommunications.
C-NET internships provide either one or two credits in the College of Communications. Students may intern for one credit for 67 hours, or two credits for 134 hours. We train all new interns in the use of C-NET audio and video equipment.
I truly believe that, as valuable as the production training is to the students, exposure to the workings of local governments and school boards is equally important to their futures. I think of those first interns in the late 80's who were attending municipal and school board meetings when C-NET was just beginning. They are in their mid-forties by now. I wonder how many of them have run for public office? It would be interesting to know...
Welcome Joyann, Leah, Sabine, Anthony, Lauren and Ashley. We know you'll learn a lot this semester, and we hope you have some fun as well!
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