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Weather Blues

Well, there's was a lot of wasted energy last Friday preparing for the storm that never came. With 12 to 18 inches of snow being predicted by two different weather sources, C-NET had to plan.
Vehicles moved our of the parking lot and into the garages, producers assigned to different shoots based on their proximity to municipal building locations, notifying member organizations of cancellation contacts, etc. How many of the six shoots on the schedule for Monday would really take place? Which producers should be kept on and which called off? How best to utilize the available interns based on the shoots that would not cancel.
So what happened? Nothing. No snow, no sleet, no ice. Cold, yes, but that's it. Much ado.....I guess I'll consider it a blessing, although there is still something appealing about getting so much snow that we all have no choice but to stay home, bundled up with cocoa.
Maybe next year.
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