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C-NET Receives AAUW Grant

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of C-NET, I would like to thank the State College Branch of the AAUW for their generous grant of $1,500 to support a C-NET Production Internship. The grant will be used to fund a production internship for a female student in a technology field. The AAUW internship will be awarded to a student in one of the following majors: Broadcast Journalism, Telecommunications, Film and Video or Information Technology.
The C-NET internship program gives students the opportunity to receive 15 weeks of hands-on production experience in a professional setting. They work along with C-NET's staff of professional producers to record local and county government meetings, school board meetings, Penn State lectures, concerts, high school sports, and other community events. The internship is now only an intensive production internship; it is also a "crash course" in the workings of local government and community engagement.
Thanks to the AAUW, an additional student will be able to benefit from a C-NET internship throughout 2015. We appreciate the support of the State College Branch of the AAUW, and the fine work that they are doing for Centre County women and girls.
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